An advanced Virtual Reality based intrusion detection, incident investigation and response approach for enhancing the resilience, security and privacy of complex and heterogeneous digital infrastructures

 A visionary European project that combines AI technology and virtual reality to revolutionize cybersecurity. The project’s mission is to predict and efficiently respond to cybersecurity threats, safeguarding digital infrastructure. With a focus on situational awareness, it offers real-time insights into incidents and risks, fostering collaborative responses across stakeholders. Privacy-aware information sharing enhances the project’s impact.


What We Do

Employ advanced VR and AI technologies to fortify cybersecurity in digital infrastructure.
Conduct real-time threat analysis, ensuring swift responses to potential disruptions.
Collaborate with a consortium across Europe to enhance security measures and awareness.


Our Approach

Utilize VR and AI synergies to fortify and innovate digital security methods.
Emphasize real-time threat analysis for effective incident management.
Foster a collaborative, cohesive approach to strengthen overall digital security.


Our Mission

Democratize AI technology for better cybersecurity predictions.
Professionally implement VR for real-time situational awareness in threat response.
Enhance collaborative responses among stakeholders for improved digital security.

Work Packages


Project Management


Requirements, Evaluation Metrics and Architecture


Specifications and Development of AIEmpowered Security Tools


VR, XAI, Information Sharing and Integration of CyberSecDome


Pilots’ Development and Evaluation of CyberSecDome


Dissemination, Exploitation and Sustainability

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